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Material testing is often required to ensure that products and their component parts can perform for their intended use and endure for their expected life. During failure analysis, material testing services also provide information that is useful in investigating the root cause of the failure.

In forming materials, understanding the material’s properties can help to better predict the manufacturing outcome. Material testing is a must in all industries, particularly the building sectors, due to the fact that incorrect assessment of a material would ultimately be harmful to people and the environment.

Quality assurance of building materials is very essential in order to build strong durable and cost effective structures. When construction is planned, building materials should be selected to fulfill the functions expected from them.

Hence, the Material testing lab includes well designed and sophisticated instruments providing facilities for various testing of construction materials, which comprises both manually and automatically operated equipments. With advanced technology, the material lab also includes equipment that are well designed for qualitative assessment of strength of concrete, any discontinuity in cross section like cracks, depth of surface cracks, cover concrete delamination, etc.

List of procured instruments:


Heat of hydration


Automatic free fall hammer

Mould for flexural prism

Vibrating table

Crushing strength test

Aggregate Impact test

Density basket

Cylindrical metal

CBR test apparatus

Sedimentation test

Vibrating machine

Cement tensile testing machine

Analogue compression testing machine

Concrete mixer, drum type

Concrete tester hammer

Los Angeles Abrasion


High speed stirrer

Ultrasonic pulse velocity