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      List of Courses for B.Tech (August-December) 2015


Course No.               Course Name Credits
CS101 Introduction to Computing 6
CS111 Computing Laboratory 4
CS201 Data Structures 6
CS203 Discrete Mathematics 8
CS205 Digital Design 6
CS231 Data Structure Lab 3
CS233 Digital Design Lab 3
CS202 Formal Languages and Automata Theory 8
CS204 Algorithms 6
CS206 Computer Organization and Architecture 6
CS208 Object Oriented Programming 6
MA202 Probability and Random Processes 6
CS242 Algorithms Lab 3
CS244 Object Oriented Programming Lab 3
CS246 Peripherals and Accessories Lab 3
MA301 Optimization 6
CS301 Software Engineering 6
CS303 Operating Systems 6
CS305 Data Communication 8
CS307 Machine Learning 6
CS351 Software Engineering and System Software Lab  3
CS353 Operating Systems Lab 3
CS355 Machine Learning Lab 3
CS302 Databases 6
CS304 Compilers 6
CS306 Computer Networks 6
CS308 Information Storage and Retrieval 8
CS362 Databases Lab 3
CS364 Compilers and System Programming Lab 3
CS366 Computer Networks Lab 3
CS401 Computer Graphics 6
MA203 Numerical Methods 6
CS471 Computer Graphics Lab 3
CS473 Project - I 6
CS482 Project - II 9































List of Courses for M.Tech (August-December) 2015

Course No.  Course Name             Credits
CS501       Advanced Data Structure and Algorithms      6
CS502         Mathematics for Computer Science      8
CS503 Computer Systems & Networks      6
CS560 Digital Image Processing      6
CS511 Programming Lab      3

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