About Us

Welcome to the Department of Physics. The department was started in 2010 and since then we are actively involved in research activities and teaching at various levels. It is our goal to become one of the leading department in terms of research and teaching in physical sciences.

Despite being a new institute, the department has well equipped laboratories (both experimental and computational), and the facilities are constantly being developed to be able to compete in the international arena. Currently, experimental research is carried out in the areas of condensed matter physics, and in theoretical/computational research a wide area in soft-matter physics are actively pursued. We strongly promote research collaboration at the local level as well as national and international levels. Our faculty members publish their research work in reputed journals. The achievements and the potential for excellence in research are recognised in the form of research grants (from DST, ISRO, and other funding agencies) and awards (DST-INSPIRE Faculty Award) given to our faculty members.

Academic members of the department comprise of 6 faculties and 2 non-teaching staff, and currently we offer M. Sc. and B. Tech. teaching programme alongside PhD programme.

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Vision & Mission


To build foundation for excellence and spur development of the Institution as a premier Institution by igniting and nurturing enthusiasm, interests and passion, in the study of physics, in professional courses, as a part of curricula


  • To awaken the young minds and discover their talents both in theory and in practical Physics, through dedication to teaching, commitment to students and innovative instructional methods.
  • To support the developmental activities of the Institute and make the Department vibrant.
  • To make vital contributions in areas of emphasis such as faculty, modern labs, Department library and demonstrate a high level of competence in the study of Engineering Physics.
  • To introduce pioneering programs in the Department that will embrace heritage and values of the Institution.
  • To organize and sustain efficient operating systems in the Department for realization of our objectives as Institution of eminence and International standards.
  • To evolve strategies in the Department for continuous Improvement.