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About Central Library NIT Manip





The Central Library NIT Manipur, is one of the important central facilities of the Institute and has two sections - one in permanent campus Langol and secondly in temporary campus, Takyel. The central Library has currently 24,444 volumes including textbooks, reference books, conference proceedings, back volumes, standards, and non-book material such as CD-ROMs, audio tapes, video tapes, slides. The Central Library procured several e-books in different subject areas. The Library provides access to the Digital Library of ACm, IEEE and ASME.


  Opening Time:  Every day from 09:00 AM till 7:00 p.m.  

News & Announcement

  • NIT Manipur Library was awarded for "Highest usage of Science amongst New NITs (2014)".

  • Wiley Library awards for Upcoming Academic Awards, January 20th 2016.