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Internship Opportunity

The Civil Engineering Department, NIT Manipur provides Internship opportunity to students from other Institutes on various Laboratories such as

  1. Environmental Engineering Lab
  2. Fluid mechanics and Hydraulics Lab
  3. Geotechnical engineering and Transportation Lab
  4. Structural engineering and Material Lab
  5. GIS and Computational Lab
  6. Surveying

The opportunity can be availed by contacting the Departmental Coordinator or Head of department

For details contact

Dr. Ng. Romeji

Dept. Coordinator

Civil Engg. Department

Mail: ngromezi@gmail.com

Dr. Mayengbam Sunil Singh

Assistant Dept. Coordinator

Civil Engg. Department

Mail: mayengbamsunil5@gmail.com

The students of the Institute have also conducted Internship on various Central/State Govt. Departments/Agencies/PSUS

  1. Indian Railways-NFR
  2. C.P.W.D-Manipur Central Division
  3. NHPC
  4. PWD, Government of U.P, Bihar, Manipur
  5. Bihar Rajya Pal Nirman Nigam Limitted (BRPNN)
  6. N.E.E.P Co
  7. PHED, Government of Manipur
  8. WRD, Government of Manipur