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Semiconductor Device & Circuit Laboratory

Diode and Transistors are basic building blocks to almost all electronic equipment's. This Lab provides a comprehensive introduction to the electronic properties of semiconductors, technology, the theories and practices of the most important electronic devices, and their impacts on the performance of integrated circuits. The Lab also provides a practical perspective on electronic devices.


In this lab UG students utilize to perform experiments related to topics taught in theory like P-n junction diode, Zener diode, tunnel diode, BJT, JFET, MOS capacitor, MOSFET, LED, etc


1 Digital CROs
2 D.C Power Supply
3 P-N Diode Channel Trainer
4 Characteristics of JFET Trainer Kit
5 Characteristics of Transistor Trainer Kit
6 Set up Zenner diode characteristics in bread broad
7 Set up different Led diode characteristics in bread broad 
8 Multimeter
9 Bread broad

Faculty In charge:Simon Tongbram (Lecturer)

Co-ordinator: Paonam Shantibala Devi( Technical Assistant)