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Digital Electronics Laboratory

The objective of Digital Electronics Laboratory is to link the theoretical concepts of different Digital Electronics circuits with practical feasibility.This laboratory will enable the undergraduate students to learn the basic concepts and techniques in digital electronic circuits and systems.


This Lab is equipped with Digital Electronics Trainer Kits, breadboards, power supplies, electronic components, various digital ICs to design and test various digital circuits. like Logic families, Delay, Hazards. Sequential logic design: latches and flipflops, Setup and Hold time , Clock frequency, Finite state machine design, state minimization, state assignment, synthesis using D-FF and JK-FF, counters, shift registers etc.


1 Digital CROs
2 D.C Power Supply
3 Function Generator
4 Multimeters
5 Basic Gates  Trainer Kit
6 Flip Flop Counter Shift Register Trainer kit
7 Encoder Decoder Trainer Kit 
8 Boolean Expressions Verification Trainer Kit
9 Half Adder Full Adder Trainer Kit
10  Different Gate ICS


11 Multiplexer Demultiplexer  Trainer Kit
12 Bread broads

Faculty In charge:Lukram Dhanachandra Singh(Lecturer)

Co-ordinator :Paonam Shantibala Devi( Technical Assistant)