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Electrical Machines Laboratory

This is the laboratory where performance test on transformers, various DC and AC machines, speed control tests, open circuit tests, short circuit tests, etc are carried out and also with combination of various machines, wide variety of practical experiments are performed. The laboratory is also used for research activities in machines and to carry out project works on energy conversion.


This laboratory is utilized for performing the following courses:

  • EE - 234 - Electrical Machines I Laboratory
  • EE - 331 - Electrical Machines II Laboratory


This is our core set of laboratories, in terms of curriculum. Its overall needs are flexibility and generality, in view of the many basic course needs it serves. This lab is general enough to hold a number of experiments suitable for giving students enough exposure to enable them to easily adopt experiments in more advanced laboratories in the department. Developing state-of-the-art machines and monitoring and diagnostics technologies to enable faster, greener ways to power, build and move the world.


Sl.No. Name of the Important equipment
1 Speed trainer using kramer drive.
2 Power generation trainer
3 Transformer sumpner test set up.
4 Virtual electrical machine lab.
5 DC motor speed control trainer
6 Induction motor speed control trainer.
7 Energy utilisation set up.
8 Three phase transformer set up.
9 Thyristor control trainer
10 Electrical Power Generation Set-up XPO-EMT

Faculty In charge:Ingudam Chitrasen Meitei( Lecturer)

Co-ordinator:  Amit Singh ( PhD scholar)