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Analog Circuit Laboratory

The objective of this laboratory is to link the theoretical concepts of different analog electronics circuits with practical feasibility thereby giving them a scope to learn basic electronics circuits and their different electrical characteristics in a better way. This is, in terms of curriculum, the fundamental package of labs.

This laboratory performing VI characteristics of Diode, half wave rectification, Full wave Rectification, Zener Diode as voltage regulator, BJT and op-amp etc. experiments and also with the familiarization of R,L,C and ohm’s law with verification of Non-ohmic Device: Diode, wide variety of practical experiments are performed


The following courses are offered by this laboratory.

  1. Analog circuit laboratory (EE-235)


1 Digital CROs
2 D.C Power Supply
3 Clipper & Clamper Trainer    Kit


4 RC Coupled Amplifier


5 Rectifier  Trainer Kit
6 Function Generator
7 Multivibrator Trainer kit
8 Multimeters
9 Bread broad
10 Op amps ICs

Faculty In charge:Rajkumari Malemnganbi Devi(Lecturer)