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Research is carried out in the following major research areas in Electrical Engineering Department

Decision support system for renewable energy planning, cognitive science, neuroscience, Secure internet architecture (routing, network security), overlay and P2P networks usingRecursive InterNetworkArchitecture (RINA), control system, soft computing, power system protection, micro-grid and FACTS devices, magnetic levitation systems, dc-dc converter, optimal control and sliding mode control, Propulsion Drive System for EVs using Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices (i.e. GaN & SiC), Wireless Power Transfer Systems, Dynamic Wireless Charging, High-Efficiency Power Converters, Soft Switching, Multi-port Converters, Single Active Bridge (SAB) and Dual Active Bridge (DAB) Converters, Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources, Robust Flight control system, FPGA based PUF integrated system, block-chain security solution, Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Decision Support System.