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Sl. No Name Enrolment No Title of Thesis

1 Arkdev 17404001 Observer based siding mode load frequency control for power system with time delays.
2 Badal Kumar 17404002 Load Frequency Control of Multisource Microgrid System Using AI Technique
3 Sumant Anand 17404003 Non-fragile event-triggered control approach for frequency restoration of Interconnected microgrids.
4 Bappa Roy 18404001 Modelling of Hybrid Renewable Energy System
5 Neelam Samuel   18404002 Secure SCADA Communication with RINA
6 Simon Tongbram 18405002 Design of clustering based hybrid image segmentation  techniques
7 RK. Malemnganbi Devi 18404003 Solar Power Plant site selection
8 Reshma Chigakham 18404004 Improvement Of a Power Quality of Microgrid System
9 Th.  Suka Deba Singh 19404001 Modelling of PV system using PVLIB Python
10 Amit Kumar Irungbam 19404002 Load Frequency Control of Multi Area Power System
11 Y. Shantikumar Singh 19405002 An active inductor Implementation employing modern active blocks
12 Milner Paul V 19404004 A Critical Investigations and Prototype Study On Deep Brain Stimulations
13 B Anil Kumar 20404001            Tentative Title
14 Sudhir Kumar Nirala 20404003          Tentative Title