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Message from Head of Department of Civil Engineering

I extend my heartiest greetings on behalf of the Civil Engineering Department of NIT Manipur. Civil Engineering being one of the oldest engineering disciplines is focussed at facilitating the society and making the world a better and more enlightened place to live. With the increasing world population, rapidly deterring climate change impacts, fast depletion of water & natural resources, unprecedented natural disasters and ever increasing environmental problems that we face today, necessitates that the future Civil Engineer is honed with technical and professional preparedness to overcome all these problems. Our objective is to provide our students with an education that emphasizes the development of secure and healthy habitats with focus on earthly awareness and sustainable development. Our aspiring graduates and post graduates will contribute to the betterment of livelihood in the country and the globe in its built-environment and infrastructure.

Civil Engineers undertake technical planning, project designing and management of a gamut of infrastructure and disaster mitigation projects such as residential and commercial buildings, dams, hydropower, irrigation, water supply, waste management systems, climate change, bridges, railways, airports, etc. From this viewpoint, the Civil Engineering Department of NIT Manipur have structured major course programs in the graduate course plan since 2013 incorporating comprehensive hands-on practical courses. Post Graduate course coercing two of the major fields of interest in Environmental & Water Resources Engineering have been introduced in 2015 within the domain of the present faculty and expertise, and is planned to be diversified in its respective domains. We envision and will be offering PG courses on the major fields of specialization viz., Structural, Geomatics/Geospatial, Geotechnical and Transportation, to cover an extensive Civil Engineering study program. PhD students specialize under one of these fields by supplementing their course program with related elective courses embody the research aptitude of the department.

In order to deliver the above curriculum, the department is adequately equipped with the state- of-art laboratories navigated by a team of dynamic faculty and staff members. We strive to continuously expand the laboratory facilities and gamut of research activities. Unreservedly stating, we are the department undertaking the highest number of consultancy and collaborative/outreach research projects in the institute.

We have a firm belief that our students at Civil Engineering Department, NIT Manipur, based on the insignia education and experience gained over the course of their respective study programs will constantly be there to contribute to build a sustainable and secure world. As we are in the grooming phase and especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic, I earnestly appeal to all the Civil Engineering Department family to render their persistent disposition, support and teamwork to rise and be at par with the top institutes of the country. The department will endeavour and is positive about the future to unveil. I invite you all to be a part of this promising journey ahead with all your relentless support.

Dr. Ngangbam Romeji,

Associate Professor & Head of Department (HoD)