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M.Tech (Env & WR Engg) Sem I (2016-18) Batch – THESIS Titles

Sl.No Enrolment Candidate Name Home State Faculty Supervisor(s) Tentative Topic(s)
1 16201001 Koushik Das West Bengal Dr. Bakimchandra Oinam GIS-based  Environmental Modelling.
2 16201002 V N P Delhi Raju Telangana Dr. Ng. Romeji Bridge Hydraulics and Scour Analysis.
3 16201003 Biltu Pal West Bengal Dr. Ng. Romeji Dam Break Model Analysis for a HEP Dam in a Mountain Stream.
4 16201004 Pradyumna Kumar Behera Odisha Dr. Th. Tamphasana Devi Impact of Settlement on Water Resources & Water Quality.
5 16201005 Nairit Kundu West Bengal Dr. Ng. Romeji Hydropower Assessment  in an Ungauged Catchment using a Distributed Hydrological Model.
6 16201006 Srija Roy West Bengal Dr. Bakimchandra Oinam Spatial Data Modelling and Deforestation.
7 16201007 Shubham Sharma Himachal Pradesh Dr. P. Albino Kumar River Water Quality Modelling.
8 16201008 Victoria  Ningthoujam Manipur Dr. Ng. Romeji Hydro-Ecological Assessment of Loktak Lake Sub-Basin with special emphasis on KLNP.
9 16201009 Tribhuwan Singh Bisht Uttarakhand Dr. P. Albino Kumar & S. Pipileima Study on factors affecting Biogas production from Hospital waste – A Case Study.
10 16201010 Anamika Debbarma Tripura Dr. P. Albino Kumar Hospital Waste Management.
11 16201011 Rajiv Oinam Manipur Dr. Bakimchandra Oinam GIS-based Modelling of Air Quality.
12 16201012 Md. Golam Nabi Azad Assam Dr. Ng. Romeji Sediment Dynamics in a Wide Channel.
13 16201013 Loitongbam Binodkumar Singh Manipur Dr. Th. Tamphasana Devi Geospatial Modelling for Assessment of Ground Water Potential.
14 16201014 Yengkokpam Noni Devi Manipur Dr. Th. Tamphasana Devi Urban Water Management & Planning.
15 16201015 Ajay Das Assam Dr. Th. Tamphasana Devi Turbulent Flow Analysis.
16 MCV15016 Anjali  Longjam Manipur Dr. P. Albino Kumar Design & Evaluation of Community base Bio Sand Filter.
17 MCV15017 Supriya Thoudam Manipur Dr. P. Albino Kumar Perfomance Evaluation of 28 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant  at Imphal (W).