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M.Tech (Environmental & Water Resources Engg.) Sem-III (2015-17 batch)

Sl. No Enrolment No. Candidate Name Supervisor(s) Project/Thesis Title
1 15MCV001 Dinesh Kumar Dr. Bakimchandra Oinam Precipitation LST & NDVI Relationship Assessment for Manipur region.
2 15MCV002 Vikash Mutum Dr. Ng. Romeji Hydrological Modelling with LULC & Climate dynamics of Loktak Sub-Basin, Manipur.
3 15MCV003 Sandhyarani Devi Konjengbam Dr. P. Albino Kumar Assessment of Water Quality & Prediction of Parameters through Modelling for Kongba River – a case study.


4 15MCV005 Loitongbam Deepika Dr. P. Albino Kumar Water Parameter Evaluation and Its Probable Treatment Model – Nambul River
5 15MCV006 Puyam Singh Bush Dr. Th. Tamphasana Devi Optimization of Water Distribution System – A case study of Imphal City.
6 15MCV008 Sunny Chirom Dr. Ng. Romeji Estimating Flood Inundation using Hydrological & Regression Models in Langol Sub-Catchment.
7 15MCV009 Diken Singh Oinam Dr. Bakimchandra Oinam Improvisation of Solid Waste Management System in Imphal Municipal Area
8 15MCV010 Ningombam Khelemba Meitei Dr. Th. Tamphasana Devi Numerical Simulation of Mass Transfer Rate in Stirred Tank with Concave Blade Impeller.
9 15MCV011 Prativash Singh Leisangthem Dr. Th. Tamphasana Devi Influence of Impeller Submergence Depth in Stirred Tank of Single Concave Blade Impeller – Numerical Analysis.
10 15MCV012 Thokchom Dabina Dr. Bakimchandra Oinam Wetland Mapping in Manipur region using Satellite Imagery.
11 15MCV013 Irom Hamilton Singh Dr. Bakimchandra Oinam LULC & Sangai Habitat Prediction Model using MaxPnt Model in KLNP, Manipur.
12 15MCV014 Sorokhaibam Saroja Devi Dr. P. Albino Kumar Assessment of Arsenic & Iron in Groundwater and Its Treatment through Biosand Filter.
13 15MCV015 Manish Lamabam Dr. Ng. Romeji Catchment Dynamics of a Wetland EcoSystem with a Quasi-Distributed Hydrological Model.
14 15MCV017 Supriya Thoudam Dr. P. Albino Kumar Sewage Treatment Plant Assessment of Imphal.