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List of sponsored projects

Sponsored Projects
Sl. No  Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount PI
1. Synthesis and Decoration of Drug-like Molecules using Transition MetalCatalyzed C(sp²)–H/C(sp³)–H Bond Activation Approach DST-SERB Rs. 40 Lakhs Dr. Chandi C. Malakar
2.  Preparation of activated bamboo charcoal nanoparticles from Bambusa Tulda (Saneibi Wa) and its application for purification of drinking water. DST, Govt. of Manipur Rs. 0.96 Lakhs Dr. Th. David Singh
3 Modular Approach to DNA-based Catalyst DST-SERB Rs. 30 Lakhs Dr. Mithun Roy
4. Subsurface Oxygen and its effect on Catalytic Process towards application in environmental Pollution DST-SERB Rs. 30 Lakhs Dr. S. Nagarajan
5. Iron-carboxylate complexes as the cancer-specific metallo-prodrugs BRNS 26.20 Lakhs Dr. Mithun Roy
6. Development of tumor specific iron(III)-based metalloprodrugs DST Under DST woman scientist scheme 17.6 Lakhs Ms. S. Binita Chanu Under the supervision of Dr. Mithun Roy
7. Investigation on Metal-Free Approaches towards C-C and C-Heteroatom Bond Formation for the Synthesis of Carbocycles and Heterocycles SERB 35.77 Lakhs Dr. Chandi C Malakar