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Publication of Current Phd Scholers

Name: Ratishchandra Huidrom
Batch: 2015 Winter
Research Area: Medical Image Processing

List of Publication

  1. Ratishchandra Huidrom, Yambem Jina Chanu, Khumanthem Manglem Singh, "Pulmonary Nodule Detection on Computed Tomography using Neuro-Evolutionary Scheme.", Signal, Image and Video Processing (Springer), vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 53–60, 2019. (SCIE)
  2.  Ratishchandra Huidrom, Yambem Jina Chanu, Khumanthem Manglem Singh, "Automated Lung Segmentation on Computed Tomography Image for the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer.", Computación y Sistemas, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 907–915, 2018. (SCOPUS)
  3.  Ratishchandra Huidrom, Yambem Jina Chanu, Khumanthem Manglem Singh, "A fast automated lung segmentation method for the diagnosis of lung cancer.", 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference – TENCON, pp. 1499–1502, 2017. (SCOPUS)
  4.  Ratishchandra Huidrom, Yambem Jina Chanu, Khumanthem Manglem Singh, "A Study on Lung Segmentation for the Detection and Diagnosis of Lung Cancer.", vol. 6, no. 11, pp. 55–66, 2016.

Name: N. Dhanachanda
Batch: 2015
Research Area: Image Segmentation

List of Publication

  1. Image Segmentation Using K -means Clustering Algorithm and Subtractive Clustering Algorithm. Procedia Computer Science 54, 764-771,2015.
  2. A survey on image segmentation using clustering techniques. European Journal of Engineering Research and Science 2(1), 15-20, 2017.
  3. Image Segmentation Method using k-means clustering algorithm for color images. Advanced Research in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2(11), 68-72, 2015.
  4. A new image segmentation method using k-means and kernel based subtractive clustering methods. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 12(20), 10458-10464, 2017.
  5. A new image segmentation technique using clustering and region merging techniques. Applications of Artificial Intelligence Technique in Engineering, 603-614, 2019.

Name: Hidangmayum Saxena Devi

List of Publication

  1. Devi, Hidangmayum Saxena, and Khumanthem Manglem Singh,”A Brief Survey on 3D Watermarking Techniques”, International Conference On Electronic Devices, Circuits, Applied Electronics and Communication Technology(EDCAECT 2015) , Depaetment of Electronics and Communication Technology, Gauhati university, gauhati assam.,  8th,9th and 10th october, 2015.
  2. Devi, Hidangmayum Saxena, and Khumanthem Manglem Singh. "A Brief Survey on 3D Watermarking Techniques." Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research 2 (2015): 1644-1648.
  3. Devi, Hidangmayum Saxena, and Khumanthem Manglem Singh. "A novel, efficient, robust, and blind imperceptible 3d anaglyph image watermarking." Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 42.8 (2017): 3521-3533.
  4. Devi, Hidangmayum Saxena, Takyelpat Imphal, and Khumanthem Manglem Singh. "A robust and optimized 3d red-cyan anaglyph blind image watermarking in the dwt domain." Contemporary Engineering Sciences 9.32 (2016): 1575-1589.

Name: Sanasam Chanu Inunganbi
Batch: 2016(Summer)

List of Publication

  1. S. Inunganbi, A. Seal, P. Khanna, “Classification of Food Images Through Interactive Image Segmentation”, Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems. Springer, Cham, (pp. 519-528), 2018.
  2. S. Inunganbi, P. Choudhary, “Recognition of Handwritten Meitei Mayek Script Based on Texture Feature”, International Journal on Natural Language Computing”, 7(5), 99-108, 2018.
  3. SC. Inunganbi, P. Choudhary, “Recognition of Handwritten Meitei Mayek and English Alphabets using Combination of Spatial Feature”, International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications. Springer, Cham, (pp. 1133-1142), 2018.
  4. S. Inunganbi, P. Choudhary, “Recognition of Meitei Mayek using Statistical Texture and Histogram Features” The 2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Image Processing & Pattern Recognition, December 2018, (In Press)

Conference Attended

  1. S. Inunganbi, P. Choudhary, “Effect of Zoning in Meitei Mayek Recognition”, NCETACS (2018), Shillong

Name: Rajkumari Bidyalakshm Devi
Batch: 2015(Summer)

List of Publication

  1. Rajkumari Bidyalakshmi Devi, Esha Basrlaskar, Oinam Binarani Devi, Reingayung Ronra Shimray, Survey on Evolutionary Computation Tech Techniques and Its Application in Different Fields” , International Journal on Information Theory (IJIT) 3 (3), 73-82, 2015.
  2. Rajkumari Bidyalakshmi Devi, Romesh Laishram, Yumanam Jayanta, “Modelling Objects Using Kernel Principal Component Analysis” , ADBU Journal of Engineering Technology 2 (1), 2015.
  3. Rajkumari Bidyalakshmi Devi, Yambem Jina Chanu, Khumanthem Manglem Singh, “A Survey on Different Background Subtraction Method for Moving Object Detection” , International Journal For Research in Emerging Science and Technology 3 (10).

Conference Attended

  1. Rajkumari Bidyalakshmi Devi, Yambem Jina Chanu, “A Review on Visual Object Tracking”, NCETACS 2018, Shillong. 

Name: Thounaojam Korouhanbi Devi
Batch: summer, 2016

List of Publication

  1. T. K., Sharma, S., & Prakash, A. (2015). “Euler's Totient based Group Formation Scheme in VANET”. International Journal of Computer Applications120(5), 33-38.

Conference attended

  1. Th. Korouhanbi, Khelchandra Thongam, “A Comprehensive Study of Plant Disease Detection and Classification Technique”. (NCETACS 2018, shillong).
  2. T. K., Sharma, S., & Prakash, A , “New Cluster Formation Scheme for Vehicle Authentication in VANET“ (WECON 2015).

Name: Babyna Nandeibam
Batch: Summer 2016

Conference Attended

  1. Babyna Nandeibam, Khelchandra Thongam “Moving Vehicle Detection and Tracking Methods for Intelligent Traffic Management: A survey”, NCETACS 2018, Shillong.