1. Course work subjects Registration, click Form-1.

2. Formation of Doctoral committee, click Form-2.

3. Comprehensive Examination fixation, click Form-3.

4. Report on comprehensive examination, click Form-4.

5. Report on state of the art seminar, click Form-5.

6. Assessment of Academic Progress of a PhD Student, click Form-6.

7. Open seminar report of a PhD Student, click Form-7.

8. Formation of Experts for Thesis Review, click Form-8.

9. Constitution of Viva-Voce Examination Board, click Form-9.

10. Change / Addition / Deletion of a supervisor, click Form-10.

11. Change in Doctoral Committee other than the Supervisor(s), click Form-11.

12. Change of Category, click Form-12.

13. Remuneration Bill for Indian Examiners, click Form-13.  

14. Final Viva report, click Form - 14.

15. Thesis Receipt form, click Form - 15.