Cyber Security Guidelines




In-view of recent news that Indian Research / Educational institutions are being targeted in Indian cyber space by Pakistan based threat actor groups which deploys Remote Access Trojan Malware in the system of the victim enabling threat actors to control the victims machine and steal valuable and restricted research related data, now the following guidelines is to be circulated to all employees (teaching, non-teaching) and students using institute network.


1.Click to download Cyber security Guidelines for Government Employees issued by MeitY, GoI.


2.SAFETY TIPS while using office internet.

i)      Avoid opening e-mails from unknown sender.

ii)    Avoid opening any email attachment files or data from an unknown source.

iii)  Do not reply or click on links inside spam e-mails.

iv)   Install an antivirus solutions from to block unwanted downloads from unknown applications.


3.Think before you click.

      Phishing is a common method that cybercriminals use to do the fraudulent activity by creating authentic-looking emails and websites to trick victims into sharing personal information or financial data.

       Be wise and verify before clicking web links received over emails/sms/whatsapp. Do not open suspicious emails claiming to be from known sender.


4.Browser security tips.

        i) Use privacy or security settings that are inbuilt into the browser.

        ii) Always update your web browser with the latest patches.

        iii) Read email messages in plain text.

        iv)Disable login and remember password information.


5. Click here to download Incident Reporting Form.